The heart and soul of our operations: a skilled and motivated staff

All members of our organisation are offered opportunities for professional growth, development and career moves. The staff’s activity, initiative and internal entrepreneurship provide good support for developing the Group’s competence and strategy. A staff of healthy, inventive and inspired people is a basic prerequisite for all of our operations.

The professional competence and well-being of our employees are very important for us. We support their development by offering various language courses, tailored training and degree programmes, as well as joint network training. The company considers competence development to be a long-term activity that foresees future needs.

Leadership development supports growth

One good example of our systematic competence development is the Future Leadership project, launched in 2010. The first pilot training of this leadership culture development and internationalisation project took place in the autumn of 2011. The goal is to enhance and unify the international leadership culture and practices throughout the Group to support our growth and strategy implementation in every unit. The training contents are based on an international survey conducted among our managers, as well as the company’s wishes and needs. Further competence development measures implemented in 2011 include an extensive skills survey among our R&D and maintenance staff, and developing the Hakkapeliitta eAcademy portal to better respond to our needs.

Investing in occupational well-being

In addition to training, the personnel’s wellbeing at work is supported by a wide range of sports offerings, versatile club activities, personnel events, as well as individual and work-time arrangements. A workgroup for occupational well-being matters, comprising representatives of company management and different personnel groups, was established at the Nokia site in autumn 2011. The workgroup was set up to ensure a wide coverage of the thoughts and development suggestions of the entire work community and to support the employees’ ability to work.

Personnel well-being, as well as collaboration between units, are monitored with performance appraisals and annual surveys focusing on well-being at work and on customer satisfaction. In 2011, we enhanced the method of processing, interpreting and utilising the results of the well-being survey. It is a key tool in developing our work community and management.

Inventiveness back on a recordbreaking track

Inventiveness activities have long traditions at Nokian Tyres and are an important part of the company culture. They enable employees to influence their own work and working environment, in addition to supporting management and the work of supervisors. The goal of inventiveness activities is to encourage employees to actively participate in the company’s operations and in the development of their own work, while also making wide-ranging use of the staff’s potential for ideas.

In 2011, inventiveness activities took a turn towards new records. The most active departments recorded more than 70 ideas per employee into the inventiveness system. The Nokia site was the most active in idea generation, but the Vsevolozhsk site also doubled its idea volume in 2011.

Will to win -  Irina Kuzmina

For me, the will to win means setting ambitious targets and striving to achieve them: “Nothing is impossible!” In the rapidly changing world, it is important that we keep improving and developing our activities and stay alert to keep up with the changes. I also see will as taking responsibility and showing initiative. We must bravely raise issues, make improvement suggestions and take responsibility for implementing new practices.