Responsible corporate citizenship –
today and tomorrow

The key values Nokian Tyres pursues in its operations are promoting safety, showing respect for the environment, fostering well-being and ensuring high quality. Responsibility translates into safe and environmentally friendly products, the most advanced production processes in the industry, and personnel safety and well-being.

In the beginning of 2011, a new corporate quality department was formed, and environmental, health and safety (EHS) management was clarified so that it now covers the protection of the environment, company staff, and property. EHS management aims at preventing accidents in all areas, ensuring uninterrupted production and overseeing good corporate citizenship. The development of operations relies on the best possible practices and advanced solutions, and takes into account human values in addition to financial considerations. Measures promoting safety include risk management, continuous process development and new investments.

The EHS operations manual is an important tool. The plant in Nokia, Finland, is certified for compliance with the EU’s EMAS (EcoManagement and Audit Scheme) regulation. Furthermore, the plants in Nokia and in Vsevolozhsk, Russia, as well as the Swedish sales company Nokian Däck, are certified for compliance with the international ISO 14001 environmental standard and the ISO 9001 quality standard.

Work for top quality and the environment

In 2011, we made extensive investments in developing the high quality of our products and activities. Quality-related activities were centralised in the new quality department, and the new department’s role and expertise was reinforced throughout the Group, especially at the two production plants. The modern production machinery, featuring new, integrated automatic metering and securing functions forms an excellent foundation for producing even, high quality. In addition, we have made significant inputs in developing our employees’ skills and quality-related attitudes. We conduct various surveys to monitor and prognosticate our customers’ needs. We want to offer every customer a high-quality overall customer and user experience.

The starting point in our environmental protection activities is the life-cycle thinking: we assume responsibility for the environmental impact of our activities and products throughout their life cycle. The environmental friendliness of our products and processes is a significant focus area for us.

Thanks to its sustained development efforts in safety and environmental issues, Nokian Tyres can be considered a frontrunner in the tyre industry. It was the world’s first tyre manufacturer to discontinue the use of high-aromatic oils in rubber compounds back in 2005, and its example has helped to speed up the adoption of purified, low-aromatic oils in tyre manufacture in Europe. The import and sales of tyres containing HA oils has been prohibited in the European Union as of the beginning of 2010.

The tyres manufactured by Nokian Tyres represent the cutting edge in terms of safety and environmental impacts during use, as proven in a number of independent comparison tests. We are committed to responding to the challenges brought about by climate change. The company will make every effort in its product development and manufacture to fight climate change while not, however, compromising safety. Today and tomorrow.


Will to win -  Pasi Tuutti

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