Hakkapeliitta 75 years

Fast and victorious forerunner of safety

Since the beginning, Nokian Hakkapeliitta has called north its home. On the Nordic snow and ice, we have been testing tyres under extreme conditions and at extreme speeds for years, all the while accumulating experience and widening our know-how. Nokian Tyres made the world’s first winter tyre to conquer freezing temperatures already in 1934, and the first Hakkapeliitta tyre was launched two years later. Now, it is the most widely known winter tyre in the world and a legend all around the world in areas familiar with winter.

Hakkapeliitta winter tyres are forerunners of safety and masters of the world’s most demanding winter conditions. With their unique innovations, Hakkapeliitta tyres have topped magazine tests decade after decade. 

The history of Hakkapeliitta is colourful and celebrated. The worldwide public became aware of them in the legendary Monte Carlo rallies in the 1950s and 60s. Over the years, Hakkapeliitta tyres have offered their superior winter properties to the service of millions of safety-seeking drivers in over 50 countries.


Hakkapeliitta 75 vuotta -minisite

Hakkapeliitta 75v