Expanding distribution chain increased market shares

The Vianor tyre chain is the biggest and most extensive in its field in the Nordic countries, Russia and the CIS. At the end of 2011, the chain comprised 910 stores in 23 countries in Nokian Tyresí main markets. Nokian Tyres owns 179 Vianor stores, while the rest operate on a franchising or partnership principle.

Equity-owned Vianor stores sell passenger car, van and truck tyres, as well as heavy tyres. In addition to the Nokian brand, Vianor sells other leading tyre brands and a variety of automotive products, such as rims, batteries, and shock absorbers. Vianorís services include tyre changes and fitting, as well as oil changes, car service and tyre hotels, depending on the store. The goal is to make service sales a key part of Vianorís growth and profitability.

In its own tyre store network, Vianorís key objective is to maximise the sales of Nokian-branded tyres, to maintain the target price level, and to develop service concepts and processes. Co-operation between Vianor and Nokian Tyresí manufacturing offers synergy benefits. Advanced data systems improve design, monitoring and reporting. Vianor offers Nokian Tyres a direct communication channel to the end user and provides valuable information for service development.

In 2011 the strongest sales growth was achieved in service and truck tyre sales. Vianor succeeded in its strategic goals acting as price leader and offering the best network of wholesale and retail for Nokian Tyresí products in core markets. Profitability was boosted by clear growth in service sales.


Vianor partners driving growth

The Vianor tyre chain spearheads the Groupís growth in markets that are strategically important to Nokian Tyres. Vianor is the leading tyre chain in the regions where it operates, building a foundation for permanent market shares for the Groupís products.

The Vianor concept offers several business-friendly services to entre-preneurs in the partner network; strong brands, training and technical support. Nokian Tyres provides Vianor stores with support for advertising and sales promotion and guarantee fast deliveries to them, especially in the peak season.

Vianor operates in 23 countries; most extensively in the Nordic countries, in Russia and in Ukraine. During the year Italy, Azerbaijan and Romania joined as new countries in the network. Expanding the partner franchise network will continue according to plans; the target is to have more than 1,000 stores by the end of 2012.