Master of demanding conditions

Nokian Tyres carries out persistent research and development work in order to provide consumers with safe, high-quality products for demanding northern conditions. Thorough, long-term product development supports the company’s status as the manufacturer of the world’s best winter tyres and special heavy tyres.

Nokian Tyres frequently renews its product range: new products account for at least 25% of the annual net sales. New products enable the company to strengthen its position and maintain its target prices and margins in tough competition.

Nokian Tyres makes considerable inputs into R&D and adds many new products to its range every year. Approximately one-half of the R&D inputs are used for product testing. The development of a brand-new passenger car tyre takes two to four years.

Forerunner of winter safety

Nokian Hakkapeliitta tyres have achieved several victories in independent winter tyre tests over the years. Hakkapeliitta tyres have done particularly well in snow and ice grip, the main elements of good winter safety.

In addition to top-rate safety features, tyres are expected to be economical and comfortable. Development work continuously aims to reduce rolling resistance. Tyres with a low rolling resistance can save up to 0.5 litres of fuel per one hundred kilometres and thus reduce the amount of harmful emissions. A precise, accurate driving response makes driving more pleasant and safe. Silent tyres do not strain the environment with loud noise, or the driver with inside noise.

The company has acted as a bold frontrunner in environmental friendliness by being the first tyre manufacturer in the world to introduce tyres that are made using only purified, low-aromatic oils. The search for innovative, environmentally friendly solutions is based on the principle of sustainable development: the tyre must retain its properties nearly intact throughout its life cycle.

Unique testing expertise

Intensive testing under authentic winter conditions, as well as understanding the winter and all the elements and features of a tyre, comes naturally to Nokian Tyres. The company’s own 700-hectare test centre in Ivalo, Lapland, focuses on demanding winter testing from October to May. New test tracks were opened in 2011 to enable even more efficient and versatile testing.

Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment and professional R&D teams and test drivers, tests in Ivalo cover every possible extreme situation in winter driving. Thorough testing in the Finnish Lapland is what makes Nokian Tyres the world-leading expert in northern conditions.

The continuously enhanced test centre next to the tyre plant in Nokia offers flexible, unique conditions to utilise the latest technology, such as the high-speed camera, as well as slush planing tests that were started by Nokian Tyres before any other tyre manufacturer in the world. In order to get comprehensive results, tyres are also tested on foreign tracks. The grip limits are stretched and crossed in order to achieve the key goal of development: safety.

 Did you know

Nokian Tyres’ test driver Janne Laitinen blazed at the speed of 331.610 kilometres per hour on the ice of the Gulf of Bothnia in March, 2011. For this amazing world record run, the world’s leading winter tyre manufacturer equipped the car with Nokian Hakkapeliitta 7 studded tyres.

Testing at high speeds in demanding conditions forms an important part of our winter tyre development. Testing boundaries can teach us new things. Extreme speeds emphasise the role of top-quality tyres; when driving at exceptionally high speeds on slippery ice, the tyres must provide maximal grip, excellent structural durability and handling properties that are in line with the car’s high power.

The acceleration and durability formula is demanding. At the speed of 331 km/h, the vehicle moves over 92 metres per second.