High technology, new innovations and test success

Nokian Hakka Blue
Top performance for wet roads

Uutuus1The Nokian Hakka Blue summer tyre can masterfully handle the rapidly changing road conditions in the summer. Tailor-made for northern roads, the newest member of the Hakka summer tyre range offers the best possible traction and precise handling for wet roads. The new innovations, the Dry Touch Sipe and Swoop Grooves, give Nokian Hakka Blue excellent grip and allow it to stop nearly a metre shorter than traditional summer tyres from a speed of 80 km/h (50 mph) on a rain-soaked road.

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Nokian WR A3 and Nokian WR D3
Forget about weather forecasts

Uutuus2These environmentally friendly top products feature nanotechnology, canola oil and the solid winter expertise of Nokian Tyres to guarantee that they work reliably in the typically varying winter conditions of Central Europe. The Nokian WR D3, with an arrow-shaped tread pattern, is a durable alternative for medium-sized and small family cars and drivers who value safe, economic driving. Magazine tests praised the Nokian WR D3 for its excellent winter properties. The new Nokian WR D3 took first place in the winter tyre tests of the German magazine Sport Auto (11/2011) and the Auto Plus magazine published in France (12/2011). It was rated “very recommendable” by such renowned German magazines as Auto, Motor und Sport (21/2011) and Auto Zeitung (20/2011). The Nokian WR A3, on the other hand, is optimised for larger and more powerful vehicles with a special emphasis placed on the tyre’s sensitive driving response, even at higher speeds.

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Nokian HTS Straddle and Beyond All-Steel Radial
-technology – Extreme stability

Uutuus3The revolutionary Beyond All-Steel Radial technology challenges All-Steel special tyres. This future technology is a unique combination of the best features of traditional cross-ply and radial tyres: supreme stability, excellent durability and a low rolling resistance. Utilising this advanced technology, the Nokian HTS Straddle offers unyielding stability and excellent wear resistance for straddle carriers labouring in ports and goods terminals.

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Nokian Hakkapeliitta 7 and Nokian Hakkapeliitta R
Test winners’ superiority

Uutuus4The most successful northern winter tyres continued their solid track record in impartial magazine tests, bringing home victories from Finland, Sweden and Russia. According to Tekniikan Maailma (17/2011), the studded Nokian Hakkapeliitta 7 is “the number one choice for drivers seeking optimal winter grip”. The Swedish Vi Bilägare (14/2011) featured the studless Hakkapeliitta R in a comparison test and stated: “excellent driving properties on ice and equally superior on snow.”


Will to win - Juha Pirhonen

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