Focus strategy

1Northern conditions

We are the only tyre manufacturer in the world to focus on solutions and products that meet the special needs of customers in northern conditions. We market our products in all countries where there is snow, forests and demanding conditions caused by changing seasons.

2Narrow product segments

For northern conditions we utilize our special competence in narrow special product segments like passenger car winter tyres and forestry tyres. Our other main products include light truck and SUV tyres as well as harbour and mining machinery tyres. We want our tyre users to experience the highest customer satisfaction in the world.

3Replacement markets

All Nokian-branded passenger car tyres and approximately 60% of heavy tyres are sold to users in replacement markets through special tyre outlets, car dealers and other companies engaged in the tyre trade. This gives us a better pricing position.

Nokian Tyresí focus strategy is supported by:

Investments in product development, production,distribution and logistics

Product development is guided by a philosophy of sustainable safety, which entails the continued renewal of the product range with the objective of always being able to provide customers with value-added innovations.

  • Own production concentrates on high-margin core products.
  • New products should represent at least 25% of net sales annually.
  • Consistent investment in continued improvement of quality, productivity and logistics.
  • Distribution is developed by expanding the Vianor network and streamlining the processes.

Open and participatory corporate culture

A basic factor behind Nokian Tyresí success is the continuous process of personnel development, which is supported by an open and participatory corporate culture. The corporate culture aims to create a highly motivated working community that promotes the success of individuals and the company.