Key strategic objectives into 2016

  • We offer our customers only the best. We know the end users of our tyres, their needs and wishes.
  • We are the market leader in the Nordic countries. We have the highest customer loyalty and best services in the industry.
  • We are market leaders in premium tyres in Russia and other CIS countries
  • We have a globally strong position in core products
  • We grow through a continuously improving product range and services. Profitable growth requires constant increase of capacity.
  • We grow our profits through high productivity and the best customer processes in the industry
  • Our personnel are skilled and inspired with entrepreneurial attitude. We reach our goals and results by working together.

Key objectives 2012–2013

Growth in Nokian Tyres’ core markets is expected to be stronger than the global market growth in 2012–2013. The target of Nokian Tyres is to continue to outperform competition in terms of growth and profitability and to further improve market position.

Development of our strategy 1898 – 2011


  • Suomen Gummitehdas was founded in 1898

  • Nokia plant 1904

  • Russia plant 2005


  • Since the late 1990’s controlled distribution and contact to end users; a tool to improve market shares
    ➜ Vianor tyre chain


  • In 2009 desire to be closer to consumers

  • Electronic business, creating consumer relationship, improving interaction
    ➜ ”Close to customer”

Strategian kehittyminenStrategian kehittyminenStrategian kehittyminen